Hersheypark Trip Report

Earlier this week, I made my fourth ever visit to Hersheypark, in Hershey, PA. During my trip, I got on all 13 coasters at the park! To read my trip report, read more.


We got to the park around 10:00 AM. When we entered the park, I ran to Skyrush to get the front row! Once I got there, there was about a 5 minute wait for Skyrush! I loved it, Skyrush was so intense and fun. It was comfortable earlier in the day, but I really started to notice where the “thigh-crush” term came in later in the day.


After Skyrush, we headed over to Comet, which is right next to Skyrush.

After Comet, we went over to Great Bear, a B&M inverted coaster!



I got front row, it was awesome! Great Bear is probably my third favorite at the park, behind Storm Runner and Skyrush.

After Great Bear, we went to Hersheypark’s observation tower, the Kissing Tower! It provides beautiful views of Hersheypark and the nearby chocolate factories and farmland!



After we were done with the Kissing Tower, we went over to Fahrenheit, which has the park’s steepest drop at 97°!


To be honest, Fahrenheit is kind of boring and rattly, its still fun though. Its the fourth best at the park in my opinion.

After Fahrenheit, I went on Storm Runner, the park’s launch coaster!




Storm Runner is awesome! It’s definitely in my top 15 coasters! After Storm Runner, we went to Trailblazer, a family coaster!

After Trailblazer, we went over to the left side of the park. Once we got there, we rode Wild Mouse, the park’s wild mouse coaster! It was actually very fun, I still like Dark Knight better because of its theming.

After Wild Mouse, I rode Wildcat, one of the park’s three wooden coasters. This ride is really rough, but still fun. I didn’t find it as rough as it was before. Probably #7 at the park.

After Wildcat, we did both sides of Lightning Racer! We won once and we lost once! The dueling on this coaster really does make the ride!

After Lightning Racer, we rode Laff Trakk, the park’s newest coaster! Laff Trakk is an indoor spinning glow coaster, and it was pretty cool! I don’t think its worth more than a 45 minute wait though.


After Laff Trakk, I headed back over to Fahreinheit.



After Fahrenheit, I went over to Sidewinder, the park’s Vekoma boomerang. Its probably the best boomerang I’ve ever been on! It wasn’t as rough as I thought it would be!


After Sidewinder, i headed over to Skyrush to marathon it. I got on 6 times in a row! I loved it. Night time is the best time to ride Skyrush!


After marathoning Skyrush, i headed over to Great Bear. Great Bear at night is awesome!


After Great Bear, I did what no one would ever think to do. Ride the log flume at night! Yes, I actually did this! I didn’t get wet at all, it was very fun though riding the attraction at night. I totally recommend it because the breeze on it is great and you barely get wet!

After the log flume, I headed out of the park. I finished my two day stay at Hersheypark and it was truly amazing. If you haven’t been there already, I really recommend going, as the park is for thrillseekers and families! Thanks for listening!

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