Kings Island Trip Report

Here’s to my first ever trip report!

Delirium & KI Tower

We arrived at the park at about 11am, an hour after the park opens to the public, on a Saturday. Yikes?! We went to The Beast, also known as the worlds longest wooden coaster, around 11:30 for our first ride of the day. We rode in the very back row on train one, a mistake… The first half of the ride was really fun, then the second lift came up… literally. We were going up… (Ironic I know…) and we were informed via lift speakers to keep our limbs inside the red PTC (Philadelphia Toboggan Company) trains. I thought I heard something familiar.. [SS Lost-tanic Music] and then its at the top… we take a left turn, down into a few trims, and then boom. A sudden change of direction, a lateral G force paradise. A wooden helix, in a tunnel… after that, we passed the first drop, with a train dropping as we passed them, and headed down the worlds longest brake run it seems… finally stopped, got off and went to the next ride. Vortex. Yes, we rode the “most painful” coaster at Kings Island. I actually found it smooth, fun, and intense. Just take my advice: as good as the funnel cakes are at Kings Island, don’t buy one and go to Vortex as soon as you’re done with it. I came off the ride dizzy, sick to my stomach, but I could tell it was the food. The ride was fun for the most part. After a nice break, we headed to The Racer, and got on the second row, on the red side. There was tons of airtime! I love riding that ride! After a few other rides not special enough to mention, we rode Banshee. 35 minute wait, and got the front row. We loved it, and wanted to get our picture, but they said that our train bugged out and it didn’t take our pictures. It happens I guess. We ran to Diamondback after Banshee, and rode it in the front, after waiting 90 minutes! It was one of my favorite rides on Diamondback. We had a short day, but managed to get many pictures, and about 10 rides in on coasters.

Below are shots taken from my Nikon Camera, I’m not going to specify what type so people can’t copy my photos.

Thanks for reading!

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