Pleasure Pier Trip Report

My second park in Texas was the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier. This awesome pier is home to a Euro Fighter called Iron Shark, a Star Flyer, and other cool rides. Please note, I was only there for about an hour and a half and the Ferris wheel was down so I only took four photos.

I started off with Iron Shark, the parks Gerstlauer Euro Fighter. Based on what people have told me, I expected the coaster to be very intense. I was blown away, it was by far the most intense coaster I’ve ridden. Since it is located on a pier, they had to build it in a very compact space.

After I rode Iron Shark a couple times, I went over to Texas Star Flyer. It was my first Funtime Star Flyer ride, and I really enjoyed it. I had previously been on a Windseeker and I had enjoyed this one more.

I rode Iron Shark a couple more times and went over to Pirate’s Plunge which is a water ride. It was pretty hot outside so a log ride wasn’t a bad idea.

To dry off after the water ride, I rode the Star Flyer again, and then rode Iron Shark again. I went over to the beginning of the pier where I rode Revolution (a KMG Fireball ride) and Cyclone (a Larson Loop).

Before I left, I went to ride Iron Shark once more, bringing it to a total of 7 rides on it.

I had a very good day at the pier and I would definitely recommend anyone to come out to ride their awesome coaster!

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