Welcome to Coaster Hub!

Welcome to Coaster Hub! This website will be focused on supplying you with the latest trip reports, news, ride construction updates, and park updates. With members from across the country, coverage is already large and can continue to grow. To read more about us, click here.


Our first objective for the site is the posts. One of the styles of posts Coaster Hub will feature is trip reports, which will consist of photos and text. In addition to this, we will keep you up to date on the latest news and construction updates from around the world. Whether it includes a new ride announcement, construction update, or any other park information, we will be sure to inform you here on Coaster Hub. If you ever here of any news or have photos you would like to include on Coaster Hub, feel free to click here and submit your photos or information.


In addition to this, Coaster Hub features multiple pages with various purposes. The first is our New Rides page, which includes all future rides that have been announced to the public from 2015 and forward. Our plan for the future of Coaster Hub also includes to possibly add a page devoted to ride and park reviews, and possibly even forums.


Do you have any other ideas for Coaster Hub or would like to join our team? Feel free to Contact Us and let us know.

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