Six Flags America Trip Report

July 22nd, 2015 marked my first ever trip to Six Flags America! Despite everyone saying how bad of a park it is, I actually had lots of fun! How did it turn out? Find out below!



We got to the park around 11:00! On the way in, we saw the giant sign showed above! I was really amazed to see how tall it was in real life! Anyway, we then proceeded into the parking lot.




Here is the sign you see when you walk in! It is themed to the colonial times!



A picture I took of the park maps!



The first coaster on my list was Mind Eraser! I got this done first because, well, I just wanted to get my credit for this SLC and be done with it. When I got off, It was rough, but not as rough as Great Nor’ Easter at Morey’s Piers!



The next coaster I did was ROAR. The wait was about 5 minutes long. Luckily, there were 2 open seats so my dad and I took those seats, so it was more like a 2 minute wait!



They have one of these in every ride queue. I think that they are pretty funny! #stopillegalonridevideos! Anyway, when I got off ROAR, I noticed that it wasnt rough, it was rickety! It was fun, but I can tell you you will hear it and feel it! I can definitley see why it is called ROAR!



On the way to Gotham City, I passed by Apocalypse, which was closed. It reopened later in the day.



Above is the entrance sign for Gotham City!


Next up on the list was Joker’s Jinx! I actually liked this ride more than I thought I would. It was very smooth and the launch felt great!



Joker’s Jinx from near Superman: Ride of Steel!





Superman: Ride of Steel was next and I loved it! Out of all 10 coasters at SFA, Its definitley my favorite ride at SFA!




Next up was Batwing! This was my first lay down coaster so I was pretty excited to ride! During the ride, I noticed that when you are turned, you feel more free than you do on a B&M flyer! Also, be aware of the sun when you are riding! It will hurt! Overall, I thought that Batwing was an okay coaster. Its probably #4 on my list at best coasters at the park.

20150722_142008     20150722_141916


After Batwing, I ate lunch at Gotham City Food Court. After eating, I went over to the Mardi Gras section. When I got there, I saw that the Wild One had no line, so I went over to it! I noticed that on the Wild One, you get crazy ejector airtime but is very rough. I didnt personally like it, but what can you say from a classic woodie?



I then headed across to Bourbon Street Fireball. And I have to say, its better than El Diablo, I dont know why, but I just liked it better. And before you post hate in the comments, I know they are the same…



I headed over to Voodoo Drop next, but it turns out it was down. When I found out it was down, I saw Apocalypse testing, so I headed over to Apocalypse and turns out I got a walk on front row!

20150722_142851     IMG_20150722_142747     20150722_142837     20150722_142857


Am I the only one who absolutely loves Apocalypse’s theming?



I absolutely loved Apocalypse! Not my favorite stand up though. I still like Riddler’s Revenge better. I think Apocalypse is #2 at the park.

20150722_151049     20150722_151144     IMG_20150722_151612


After Apocalypse, I headed over to Mardi Gras again to check out Ragin Cajun. My opinion on Ragin Cajun is that its a good spinning coaster. I think that Pandemonium at SFNE looks better but Ragin was still fun! I rate it #5 at the park.



Next I went to French Quarter Flyers. When is there ever a line for Larson Flying Scooters?

After French Quarter Flyers, my phone died so I have no remaining photos.

After leaving Mardi Gras, I went to Primo’s and grabbed myself some pasta! Boy, was that good!

After Primo’s I saw EFX 3.0 which was very cool! It was pretty awesome. With the lights, the bubbles, the music, and the beach balls, it was a good show!

After EFX, I went on Roar for my 2nd time! It was about the same experience as the first time.

After Roar, I headed over to Gotham City to go on Superman: Ride of Steel! I loved it! It was much better than the first time! Probably #15 on my all time favorite coaster list (out of 92 coasters).

After Superman, I left the park. Overall, I had an awesome day! If you live at least 3 hours away from the park, I do recommend it!

All photos taken are from Mitch Caltabiano (@ScreamSource). If you are going to take a photo and post it anywhere on social media, please give me credit. Thank you!

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