Rage Ride Review

Adventure Island hosted it’s 2016 opening day earlier today, and in honor of my first post I have decided to write a Rage ride review.


Length: 5/10

Rage’s layout is short, being only 1,184.4 ft long, but does pack quite a punch. The elements on the ride are basic but make for a good experience. Featuring a hang-time loop and an airtime-filled beyond vertical drop, it does certainly make for an enjoyable experience.


Height: 5/10

Rage stands at 72 ft, but the height does not effect the impact of the beyond vertical drop at all, pulling heavy negative G’s.


Speed: 4/10

Rage is not a fairly quick ride, it focuses more on slow hang time rather than being speedy and really intense.


Capacity: 8/10

Rage has three cars available but I have only ever seen it run all three once. During off-peak times one car is running, and on peak times it runs two (as far as I am aware). In both scenarios the queue line rarely gets busy and you have a max wait time of about 20 mins if you are unlucky.


Restraints: 7/10

The standard euro fighter OTSR’s are really hit and miss, depending on your height. If you are fairly short you will probably have to deal with some minor headbanging, but if you are tall like me you will get little headbanging at all.


Intensity: 8/10

This ride may not pull too many positive G’s, but the negatives definitely make up for it on the drop, loop and inline twist.


Smoothness: 4/10

Rage is not smooth, but that is mainly due to the nature of the tiny track pieces used in the ride design. There are definitely some major pumps in the track, most notably on the entrance and exit of the turnaround after the loop.


Theming: 2/10

Rage is very generically themed, so there isn’t much to really say here.


Inversions/Airtime: 7/10

Both inversions are hang time focused, and the negatives on the drop are just pure Gerstlauer euro fighter bliss.


Enjoyment: 8/10

This ride is definitely enjoyable, personally I love the coaster to death because its nothing major, but has many enjoyable features that I listed above.


Total: 58/100

Rage at Adventure Island is far from being the best euro fighter, but it certainly does not disappoint. I highly recommend riding this or any other euro fighter 320+ clones out there.



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