Skull Mountain Ride Review

Skull Mountain is an indoor Intamin family coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. Here’s what I thought of it, as I believe it is the park’s most underrated coaster.


Length: 4/10

Skull Mountain is 1,377 feet long, which isn’t very long. However, for its height and compact layout, it feels pretty long.


Height: 5/10

This coaster is only 40.7 feet tall. However, the drop packs a huge punch, sending you flying out of your seat, which makes the height/drop feel much better.


Speed: 5/10

Skull Mountain reaches a top speed of 33 mph, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you’re in the back row, this ride really flies. It feels much faster than it actually is.


Capacity: 7/10

Skull Mountain runs 6 trains with 28 seats per train. Due to the speed the ride ops are able to dispatch, one train leaves as soon as the other hits the break run, which really speeds things up. This results in Skull Mountain never having a long line, with you being able to ride 4-5 times without getting off.


Restraints: 9/10

Skull Mountain has lap bars that reach around 6 inches above your legs. You feel very free and it is very comfortable.


Intensity: 6/10

Skull Mountain has one intense hill of airtime (the drop). Then, it drags you around for the rest of the ride. The reason the score is not higher is because this intensity is only reached in the back two cars.


Smoothness: 5/10

Skill Mountain isn’t exactly the smoothest ride; mainly from the tight turns and the train length. The ride itself doesn’t have too much of a rattle, but it feels rougher than it is because of the layout.


Theming: 3/10

There’s a mountain with a skull on the outside and a cave-themed queue, but besides that, there isn’t much.


Inversions/Airtime: 7/10

As I said before, Skull Mountain has one really good pop of sustained ejector, which more than makes up for the rest it doesn’t have.


Enjoyment: 8/10

This is by far the most underrated coaster in the park, and one of the most underrated coasters of all time. It has great airtime, a great layout, and a minimal line.




Total: 59/100

Skull Mountain is not at all a perfect coaster, but it is very underrated and definitely worth riding whenever you’re at the park.

One thought on “Skull Mountain Ride Review

  1. This roller coaster was overwhelmingly underwhelming. The exertior has much potential for an enjoyable ride but the inside of the ride is obviously lacking as it was just darkness. Overall stay away from this waste of a ride.

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