Maverick at Cedar Point Review

Maverick is one of Intamin’s six blitz coasters. Here’s what I thought of it!


Length: 8/10

Maverick is 4,450 ft long, which is pretty long, especially for a launched coaster.


Height: 5/10

The height is only 105 ft tall which isn’t very tall compared to most coasters. Luckily, the steep 95 degree drop angle makes up for it!


Speed: 7/10

Maverick has a top speed of 70 mph which is somewhat fast, but it only hits this speed for about a second while coming off of the launch and into a set of trims.


Capacity: 8/10

Maverick runs 6 trains with 12 seats per train, resulting in a pretty good capacity of 1,200 riders per hour. Even with Maverick’s great capacity, it still tends to have over an hour wait, even on uncrowded days.


Restraints: 5/10

Maverick has over-the-shoulder restraints that are similar to Intimidator 305’s at King’s Dominion. They’re not too uncomfortable, but with Maverick’s strong forces, you still come off the ride with a somewhat sore body.


Intensity: 9/10

Maverick is VERY intense. It has quick, sharp transitions that throw you from side to side, up and down, and all over! Lots of negative and positive G’s!


Smoothness: 9/10

The ride is very smooth with no rattle at all! It glides nicely across the track, but the snappy transitions may give the illusion that it is rough.


Theming: 7/10

Lots of great theming in the queue and onride, like the canyon that most of the ride is twisting through.


Inversions/Airtime: 10/10

Maverick’s horseshoe rolls are perfect. You glide through them so perfectly. Now, the best part of this coaster is the intense ejector airtime. There are 4 major ejector airtime moments throughout Maverick that throw you into your restraint!


Enjoyment: 9/10

Maverick is such a high thrill ride that it can be hard to enjoy, but I enjoyed it very much!




Total: 77/100

Maverick is such an amazing coaster! It has a perfect mix of lateral G’s, negative G’s, and positive G’s, and sits at my #3 spot!

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