Mindbender at Galaxyland Review

This massive Schwarzkopf triple looping coaster is one of the most iconic indoor coasters of all time! How good is it?


Length: 8/10

Mindbender has a track length of 4198 feet, making it one of the worlds largest indoor roller coasters.


Height: 5/10

Standing only 145 feet tall, this ride is very tall for an indoor coaster, but not much compared to others.


Speed: 6/10

Hitting 60 miles per hour, it really feels like you’re flying through the building!


Capacity: 2/10

Running only 2 trains, with a capacity of 12 riders per train, this coaster has a whopping (sarcasm) capacity of 430 riders per hour!


Restraints: 5/10

Mindbender features a lap bar, a seat belt, and shoulder restraints. These cause little headbanging, but make the car cramped.


Intensity: 10/10

This is easily the most intense coaster I’ve ever been on! Pulling an astounding 5.2 g’s, it is one of the most intense coasters in the world!


Smoothness: 10/10

For how old this coaster is, it its butter smooth! There is no rattle or bumps at all! Much smoother than many new coasters today.


Theming: 0/10

There is no theming at all.


Inversions/Airtime: 10/10

Although there are only 3 vertical loops, they are some of the most intense and fun inversions in the world! There is also a nice pop of floater air in the later portion of the ride!


Enjoyment: 9/10

Even though there are some uncomfortable laterals during the ride, this ride is just oozing with excitement!


Total: 65/100

This ride is amazing! It is one of the most intense rides in the world! Galaxyland has really hit it out of the park with this bad boy!

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