Holiday World 2016 Details

Holiday World has announced their 2016 plans, which include retracking on all three of the park’s wooden coasters and two new elements to be added to The Legend. Read all about it here!



The Raven

The park announced that they were retracking parts of The Raven, but no specific details were announced on the park layout.


The Voyage

It was confirmed that The Voyage’s track will be retracked in multiple spots throughout the layout, most notably on top of both the second and third hills of the track layout. Holiday World will be using eight new layers of track for 300 ft of The Voyage’s layout after the coaster’s triple down.


The Legend

Two new elements will be added to The Legend for the 2016 season! Great Coasters International will be retracking a large portion of the layout and be adding both the all-new double-down element as well as an accelerated turn. The double down will be located right after The Legend’s helix while the turn towards Frightful Falls is now lowered for a longer airtime moment.




Holiday World’s season opens to the public April 23. Read their blog post regarding their 2016 plans here.

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