New Coaster for Walibi Holland

Construction for the all new coaster for Walibi Holland “Lost Gravity” has been making significant progress over the last couple weeks. As of now, the MACK Rides roller coaster is what appears to be the first of an unknown style. The snappy transitions and compact layout make many enthusiasts believe that the coaster will be, of all things, a spinning coaster! I believe this because MACK has recently tested spinning coaster trains on Blue Fire at Europa Park in Germany. Quite a few photos have been released and people can conclude that Lost Gravity will be just like most high thrill Mack Coasters, amazing.

A look at the very odd looking drop
A look at the ride’s unique drop
Newly added dive loop with the crazy overbank in the background
Speaking of the overbank, here is a closer look.
Here is a look at the layout as of now.
Lastly, here is a look at the logo, released by Walibi.


We don’t own any of the rights to the photos above as all of them are owned by our friends at the No Limits Exchange or the Walibi brand itself.

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