Walibi Holland to Reopen Robin Hood as RMC in 2019

Walibi Holland today announced that Robin Hood, the park’s Vekoma wooden roller coaster, will close in October 2018 and undergo the Rocky Mountain Construction Iron Horse treatment, reopening in 2019 as a hybrid roller coaster.

Translation: In 2019 we are going to convert the Robin Hood into a completely new roller coaster, do you still come by for a ride? #gofast #walibiholland #newride

 While Walibi Holland has not yet released statistics on the new Rocky Mountain Construction coaster, they have confirmed that the conversion will create a standard hybrid coaster, as Rocky Mountain Construction has done in the past.
Photo Credit: CoasterForce

What are your thoughts on Robin Hood’s Rocky Mountain makeover? What coasters do you think Rocky Mountain Construction should focus on next? Share your feedback in the comments below and stay tuned for details!

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