Kings Dominion Announces Big Changes For Candy Apple Grove

With opening day just over a month away, Kings Dominion has announced some big changes coming to the Candy Apple Grove section of the park.

In addition to Twisted Timbers, the whole area around the new coaster will be freshened up with new paver pathways, refurbished bathrooms, new seating, and a new event plaza!

First off, the The Rock Shop store next to Twisted Timbers will become Twist & Shop, home to all the Twisted Timbers merchandise you could possibly want.

The two other roller coasters in Candy Apple Grove are also getting some updates. Ricochet, the park’s Mack Rides wild mouse coaster, is being renamed to Apple Zapple, and will feature a new color scheme.

Also, in a rather shocking move, the park is also renaming the iconic Rebel Yell wooden coaster. It is now known as Racer 75, paying tribute to when the ride opened in 1975.

And finally, my honest favorite of these new announcements: the Dinner Bell restaurant will become The Mac Bowl, a new restaurant where guests can order custom bowls of Mac & Cheese. Think Chipotle, but with Mac & Cheese. MMM.

What are your thoughts on these new changes? Let us know down below!

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