Alton Towers Confirms SW8 Coaster, Wicker Man

After months of anticipation and construction regarding the all-new Secret Weapon 8 wooden coaster coming to Alton Towers, the park today officially announced the Great Coasters International wooden roller coaster as Wicker Man. Set to make its public debut on the park’s opening day, Saturday, March 17, Wicker Man is promised to be a ‘world-class attraction’ and a perfect fit for the resort.


The Wicker Man trackwork and theming are both nearly complete in time for the coaster’s March 17 opening. The coaster will be Great Coasters International’s first roller coaster to open in the United Kingdom.

Photo credit: TowersStreet

What are your thoughts on Wicker Man? Stay tuned for details about the coaster’s opening and more on Coaster Hub!

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