Top 10 Inversions In The World

Inversions are an integral part of roller coasters. They offer an easy way for the general public to experience an exciting head-over-heels sensation. Inversions date back to the mid 1800’s, when “Centrifugal Railway” debuted in Paris, France. Since then, manufacturers such as Arrow Dynamics and Schwarzkopf Industries Company set records for the worlds first modern looping coaster and the worlds first successful (and safe) vertical loop. After the development of the vertical loop and the corkscrews, innovation with inversions has skyrocketed! Companies such as Rocky Mountain Construction, Bolliger & Mabillard Consulting Engineers Inc, and Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH have all pioneered crazy inversions such as the Zero-G Stall, Pretzel Loop, Hangtime Loop, and more! Here are the top ten specific inversions that we believe are absolutely amazing!

#10. Mystery Mine at Dollywood – Heartline Roll & Dive Loop: This combo of inversions is truly awesome. In the outside seats, riders experience great lateral forces through the Heartline Roll, and amazing hangtime in the Dive Loop!

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#9. Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain – Loop: When it opened, this took the crown for the tallest vertical loop in the world. Today, riders still enjoy the 160ft tall loop – with only a lap bar restraint!

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#8. Blue Fire Megacoaster (and it’s clones) at Various Parks – Inline Twist: The final inversion on these cloned launch coasters proves to be one of the best! The insane speed it is traveled through makes this element pull some insane lateral g’s and airtime!

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 #7. Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg – Cobra Roll: An average Cobra Roll is fun, but nothing spectacular. However, this Cobra Roll is insane! the half corkscrews have an extreme whip to them, which makes the element fun and intense! Some are not a huge fan of it due to the headbanging they experience, but we love it!

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 #6. Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa/Afterburn at Carowinds – Batwing: These two inversions are truly awesome! The whip entering and exiting the inversions are quite amazing, and the positives in the valley are intense! We could not decide which we liked more – so we just put them both!

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 #5. Tatsu at Six Flags Magic Mountain – Pretzel Loop: This inversion in particular is one of the most intense elements in the world! Standing at 124ft tall, it is one giant inversion. While in the flying position, the pretzel loop give some of the most intense and sustained g’s in the world! it is certainly the highlight of this massive flying coaster.

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 #4. Goliath at Six Flags Great America/Wildfire at Kolmarden – Zero-G Stall: These relatively new inversions that Rocky Mountain Construction has been building are insane! They provide tons of hangtime, and the small restraint helps riders feel even more open on these already mental inversions.

Picture Credit: @savage.coasters on Instagram

 #3. Cannibal at Lagoon Amusement Park – Lagoon Roll: This one-of-a-kind inversion is the highlight of this massive coaster! As you slowly leave the mid course brakerun you enter into a slow roll, only to stop banking at about 90 degrees, and you go through another roll, in the opposite direction! This give riders an insane amount of hangtime!

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 #2. Moonsault Scramble at Fuji – Q Highland – Pretzel Knot: This Meisho Amusement Machines roller coaster was one of the most intense rides in the world! It was the worlds first hyper coaster, opening almost 6 years before Magnum XL-200. Its Pretzel Knot inversion was only 67ft tall, but riders went through it directly after a massive first drop. At the bottom of the inversion, riders would pull an astounding 6.2 g’s! Although it is not operating anymore, this inversion was too good to leave out on this list.

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 #1. Texas Tornado at Six Flags Astroworld – Vertical Loop: No inversion list would be complete without mentioning the king of vertical loops: Anton Schwarzkopf. Every loop of his was made to ensure the most intense ride possible, and this is easily the most intense loop he ever created! Also known as “Thriller,” “Zonga,” and “Tsunami,” the ride has made many trips throughout the world travelling with a German Fair, operating at Grona Lund, Astroworld, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and at Isla San Marcos Parque Tematico. The second loop is known for being notoriously intense.

Texas Tornado’s 2nd loop (the black one) followed directly after the white loop.

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Honorable Mentions: There are so many amazing inversions that we couldn’t include! Here are a few:

Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa – Zero G Roll:


Picture Credit: Reddit

Flying Dinosaur at Universal Studios Japan – 540 Degree Roll:

Picture Credit: News Plus Notes

Cobra at Conny Land – Inverted Spike:

Picture Credit: CoasterForce

What are some of your favorite inversions? Leave a comment below!

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