Mirabilandia to Open Ducati World

Mirabilandia today announced the all-new Ducati World, a brand new themed area centered around the popular Ducati motorcycle manufacturer. While a specific ride list has yet to be announced, the new-for-2019 themed area will feature high-adrenaline thrill rides and more.

Ducati World will transform Mirabilandia with the power of the first area themed after a motorcycle brand. It will attract motorcycle fans both from Italy, a country famous for its automotive culture, and from abroad, thanks to a variety of attractions that will engage the public with a real motorcycling experience. The park will incorporate the latest technologies; among the projected attractions there will be a new generation roller coaster that will replicate the experience of riding on a motorcycle. There will also be simulators, virtual reality, and children’s attractions. The agreement with Ducati also envisions a showroom where visitors will find the most iconic Ducati models.  Similarly, visitors will be able to learn about motorcycling history and about the socio-cultural context in which the Italian brand has grown through the 90 years it has been operating.

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