Dueling Intamin Coasters Construction Update – Wanda Guangzhou

More photos have been revealed of the one-of-a-kind pair of roller coasters coming to Wanda Guangzhou of Guangzhou, China. The two coasters, one sit down and one invert, will share a track spine at certain parts of the ride and will duel like no other roller coaster has before. Take a look at the concept art and construction photos below!

The track, while not yet on-site, has been assembled and is ready for shipment to Guangzhou. Photos are available in the gallery below.

Thanks to Coaster Friends and Stakorta for sharing the information and photos.

What are your thoughts on Intamin’s first coaster pair with a combined sit down and inverted track? Share your feedback in the comments below and stay tuned for more construction updates on Coaster Hub!

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