American Dream’s Nickelodeon Universe to Debut Two Record-Breaking Coasters

Nickelodeon Universe, a park located at the under-construction American Dream of New Jersey, today announced two brand new record-breaking roller coasters: a Gerstlauer launched Euro-fighter and the world’s tallest and longest spinning coaster. The Euro-Fighter, with a layout very similar to that of Takabisha at Fuji-Q Highland, will also feature the world’s steepest drop on a roller coaster, taking the record from Takabisha with a 121° drop.

No release date has been confirmed for Nickelodeon Universe though theme park fans suspect the project to debut around spring 2020.

The two Gerstlauer layouts are closely intertwined with one another.

Nickelodeon Universe of New Jersey will create one of the only American pairs of coasters so closely intertwined.



Stay tuned for construction updates of American Dream and more!

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