Parc Saint Paul To Add New Family Wooden Coaster For 2018

Parc Saint Paul (located in Northern France) has announced Wood Express, a new family wooden coaster for the 2018 season. Designed and built by The Gravity Group, this new coaster will supposedly replace the park’s Formula 1 wild mouse coaster.

Wood Express will stand 49ft tall (15m), feature a 57 degree drop, and reach a top speed of 38mph (61km/h).

Unlike Gravity Group’s other small-scale wooden coasters, Wood Express will use a steel structure rather than a traditional wood structure.


One single Timberliner train holding 12 riders at a time will travel along the 1,572ft (479m) track, and will traverse through multiple crossovers and airtime moments during the minute-long ride.

We think this looks like a great addition to Parc Saint Paul! What are your thoughts on Wood Express? Leave a comment below!

Thanks to Pigeon’s Team for reporting on this new addition. Be sure to check out their website for park coverage around the world!


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