Twisted Timbers Construction Tour & Update – October 14, 2017

As part of ACE’s annual Fall Thrillfest event, we got the opportunity to go behind the scenes of Kings Dominion’s new RMC Hybrid creation, Twisted Timbers. We were joined on the tour by one of RMC’s workers, Bryan, who was able to answer a few questions and gave us some progress updates about the ride. Let’s take a look! But first, a few quick things about the ride:

  • Twisted Timbers will be ready for opening day 2018!
  • The coaster itself is around 65-70% complete, with the track being the majority of remaining work.
  • The structure is almost finished; only the first overbank and “cutback” inversion structures are left to be constructed.
  • Trackwork will speed up significantly over the next 2 weeks as the “Track Crew” comes down from Cedar Point.
  • The slight “shift” on the brake run is real. The reason behind it comes down to clearance. The clearance necessary for the brake run means the track is misaligned with the transfer track, so the “shift” exists to join the tracks together. The train will come to a stop before this, and will traverse the “shift” slowly.

Now, onto the photos:

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Taking a look at the first turn, it remains mostly flat. Before work can begin on the first overbanked turn, dirt must be moved, electrical lines must be rerouted, and new footings must be poured. The first overbank will be much larger and take up much more room than the low, flat turn that once occupied the area.

Progress on the Barrel Roll Drop is coming along well, with only a few steel ledgers remaining.

Here we can see a small bunny hill, leading into the first of three consecutive ejector airtime hills. You can also see the final “Zero G Roll” inversion in the background.

On the other end of the ride, many new steel ledgers are in place.


That concludes this construction update on Twisted Timbers! I would like to give a big thanks to Kings Dominion, ACE, and Bryan from RMC for arranging this tour. Seeing this ride up close and in person has made me so much more excited to ride next year!

What are your thoughts on Twisted Timbers? Let us know below!

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