Six Flags Over Georgia Announces Twisted Cyclone

Six Flags Over Georgia has announced Twisted Cyclone, a brand new Rocky Mountain hybrid roller coaster, opening in 2018.

Twisted Cyclone Statistics:

  • Inversions: 3
  • Drop angle: 75°
  • Height: 96 ft
  • Airtime moments: 10
  • Length, 2,340 ft

Six Flags Over Georgia, The Thrill Capital of the South, is debuting an exciting new hybrid roller coaster—Twisted Cyclone. The technology—first introduced by Six Flags, combines the best of both worlds—a classic wooden structure with a modern, steel track for multiple inversions and a smoother, more thrilling ride experience. The all-new Twisted Cyclone features a steep 75-degree initial drop into a jaw-dropping reverse cobra roll, three upside down inversions and 10 airtime moments along 2,400 feet of twisted track.

What are your thought on Twisted Cyclone? Share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for construction!

One thought on “Six Flags Over Georgia Announces Twisted Cyclone

  1. This is looooooong overdue and I’m relieved that Six Flags has FINALLY decided to RMC Georgia Cyclone but the result is kind of a disappointment! I mean the first half of the coaster is AWESOME but then it just fizzles from there. Another element would truly make this a record-breaking coaster and is REALLY sad when you compare it to how much longer the Wicked Cyclone is. The saddest part is that people are already calling Twisted Cyclone the weakest RMC – a reputation that this coaster will hold FOREVER!!!

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