Ankapark of Turkey Nears Completion

For years of anticipation and doubt, Ankapark of Ankara, Turkey, has been slated for a tentative 2017 opening featuring seventeen roller coasters and numerous dark rides. The opening date has been pushed back to a definitive April 23, 2018 opening, and with this, a video has been released by Ankapark showcasing the completed rides and displaying what has yet to be completed. Take a look at the footage below!

While the popular Intamin 10 inversion roller coaster has been completed for nearly two years (same style ride as Thorpe Park’s Colossus), other rides have since been completed such as the Beijing Shibolai-manufactured Sky Loop clone and an immersive dark ride looking to be very similar to Disney’s famous It’s a Small World attractions. A near-complete list of roller coasters coming to the park can be found here, showcasing the manufacturer and model of each roller coaster at Ankapark. A Zamperla Volare, SBF Visa Tower Coaster, Fabbri Wild Mouse, and Intamin family launch coaster will all officially open with the park in 2018.

Ankapark’s ten inversion roller coaster has been complete for years and is still yet to be named.


The Sky Loop will be titled “Sihirli Dönüş Hiz Treni”, roughly translating to “Magic Return Speed Train”.


More footage of all three attractions and every attraction at Ankapark can be found in the video at the beginning of this article.
Ankapark’s video and logo both showcase dinosaurs throughout the advertising and rides.

Full credit goes to Ankara University for the first photo and Ankapark’s video above for the remaining three photos.

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