Oaks Park Announces Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter

After the Cedar Fair and Silver Dollar City announcements have drawn to a close, National Roller Coaster Day 2017 has still not wrapped up, as Oaks Park of Portland, Oregon, today confirmed a brand new Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter to come to the park in 2018. However, to make space for the unnamed Euro-Fighter, Oaks is closing the park’s only major roller coaster, Looping Thunder. Looping Thunder, set to close September 24, is a Pinfari Zyklon featuring one inversion. The Euro-Fighter will be the second installation of Gerstlauer’s 320 model behind Casino Pier’s Hydrus. The statistics will match Hydrus, featuring a 72′ lift hill, three inversions, a 45 mph top speed, and a 97° beyond vertical drop.

The main reason behind the ride’s lack of a name is the fact that Oaks Park is hosting a competition to search for a coaster name! Contestants can enter names through a Google form found here and enter to win a $500 Oaks Park gift card for the winning coaster name. Entries will remain open until December 1 of this year and the winner will be selected by March 24, 2018.

Stay tuned for ride construction and details on Oaks Park’s coaster as the structure begins to rise!

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