Kings Dominion Confirms RMC Hurler, Twisted Timbers

Long after the Rocky Mountain Construction hybrid treatment was confirmed for Mean Streak at Cedar Point and Kings Dominion announced the closure of Hurler, rumors began to swirl about a Rocky Mountain treatment at Kings Dominion as well. Track was later found on-site, fans began speculating layouts, and now that the season has come to a close, Kings Dominion has announced the Rocky Mountain Construction conversion of Hurler. Twisted Timbers, the Rocky Mountain conversion of Hurler, will feature three inversions and twenty airtime hills throughout its layout.

Twisted Timbers Stats

  • 109 ft tall
  • Three inversions
  • 20 airtime hills
  • 54 mph top speed

On the outskirts of Candy Apple Grove sits the remains of the once thriving Hanover Hill Orchard. No one can say exactly what happened that day back in 1950. What destroyed half of the harvest in a matter of seconds? What shook the ground, turned over tractors, shattered glass and nearly peeled the siding off the warehouse, all without warning…all without a cloud in the sky? Strictly “off limits” for decades, this land of local legend is finally open to the public! You are invited to experience Twisted Timbers, an exclusive tour of the now famed Hanover Hill Orchard. Take a ride through previously forbidden grounds where you’ll experience the unexplainable and see evidence preserved from that fateful day. Hold on tight because this is a tour with the twist. This is Twisted Timbers.

What are your thoughts on Twisted Timbers? Stay tuned for construction updates, an opening day report and more!

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