Valleyfair to Debut Delirious, Larson Super Loop, in 2018

After multiple teasers regarding inverting thrill rides, Valleyfair today announced Delirious, a 70 ft Larson Super Loop. Standing 70 ft tall, Delirious will coil riders through ten revolutions in a ride time of under a minute. The ride is a clone of the popular Super Loops that have made it to seven Six Flags parks across the nation and many smaller parks across the world.

Delirious will be located in Valleyfair’s iconic Route 76 area, which will also be revitalized for the 2018 season. Brand new lighting, shade structures, and enhanced seating.

“Delirious is a great addition to the retro family road trip feel of Route 76,” said Brad Marcy, general manager, Valleyfair. “The additional atmospheric enhancements to the area will allow our Twin Cities neighbors to not only relive memories of visits to Valleyfair, but also create new family traditions and enjoy the ‘best day’ experience that we strive to give everyone.”


What do you think of Cedar Fair turning to Larson to install the Super Loop model? Stay tuned for more announcements from across the Cedar Fair chain!

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