Carowinds Announces Camp Snoopy, Six Attractions Within

Carowinds today confirmed their new-for-2018 revitalization of Camp Snoopy, transforming Camp Snoopy back into Planet Snoopy in time for the upcoming season. The installation includes six new attractions and both moves and removes multiple attractions from Planet Snoopy to create space for the upgrade.

Woodstock Whirlybirds

This classic teacup ride will leave you twirling around and chirping for more!







Beagle Scout Acres

Young campers will love Beagle Scout Acres, the perfect place to let their imagination roam free. This climb and play area includes 8,000 square feet of interactive play elements and lots of shady spots for parents to rest.






Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies

Take an adventurous spin on Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies. Once inside your all-terrain vehicle, you’ll be bounced up, down, and around.





Camp Bus

Come aboard the Camp Bus for a fun-filled ride that will have you soaring up, down and all around with the PEANUTS gang.






Kite Eating Tree

Fly high on the Kite Eating Tree! This ride takes you 20 feet to the top of the tree and gently brings you back down.





PEANUTS Trailblazers

Rev up your engines for a ride on PEANUTS Trailblazers, an off-road adventure where you whip around and around in your car.





What are your thoughts on the Carowinds 2018 announcements? Leave your feedback below and stay tuned for more updates from across the country!

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