Silver Dollar City 2018 Coaster Construction Update

Rumors about a new Mack Rides roller coaster have been surrounding Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri ever since construction began in early 2016. Recently, photos from park goers have revealed more details of what could be one of the best roller coasters in 2018. As of now, it is expected that the ride will be titled “Time Traveler” due to the park’s trademarking of the name.

The ride begins with an impressive 90 degree drop, directly out of the station, which will allow riders to fall for an estimated 75 ft.
Next, the vertical drop will lead into a dive loop.
Although it is difficult to see the entire layout of the coaster, there are supports in place that seem like they are designed for a cutback, zero g roll, or barrel roll-type of element.
Sadly, the circles on the track in the photo above are most likely trims for the vertical drop.

Placement of more track should be fairly quick now that most supports and the station are near completion. Stay tuned for more updates about the ride once Silver Dollar City makes their big announcement on August 16th! All photos in this post were taken by our writer, Keltan Kemp.

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