Cannibal Ride Review

A few weeks back I visited Lagoon Park in Farmington, Utah. With Cannibal being my favorite coaster on my visit, and favorite coaster overall coaster, I decided to do a review.



Height: 9/10

For the elements that this coaster has and the steepness of the drop, this coaster feels a lot taller than 208 feet. The top of the tower also provided amazing views before your journey begun.



Speed: 7/10

Although this coaster is not slow, by any means it is not the fastest either as the mid course brake run really killed the momentum. However, the speed was just enough to get insane airtime and hang time!


Capacity: 10/10

When I visited Lagoon, Cannibal was running 6 trains. Once one train reached the top of the elevator lift, another was dispatched. The operators were very determined to get the trains dispatched as quickly as possible.


Restraints: 8/10

The restraints were very good on Cannibal. My only problem was on the lagoon roll when the hang time ended up hurting your legs a bit while being pressed against the restraint.


Intensity: 8/10

The coaster was very intense! With nonstop hang time, airtime, and unexpected maneuvers, Cannibal provides a very intense ride!



Smoothness: 8/10

While in the front row, I found this coaster very smooth with no rattle, but when I took a back row ride, a slight rattle was apparent, but the coaster was far from rough.


Theming: 7/10

The theming on this coaster was much more extensive than I expected! The station had an epic mural, the pre-lift had a massive arch overhead that represented the tribal theme, and just a week before my visit, a projection was added with skulls on fire was shown just before you rose up the elevator. Also the waterfall and tunnel exterior had awesome theming! Although the theming was spectacular, it was obviously not at full potential.



Inversions/Airtime: 8/10

Every single inversion on this coaster provided either hang time or airtime. After riding Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain, I never knew a coaster could have better hang time, but boy was I wrong. The lagoon roll provided multiple seconds of pure hang time and the immelmann entrance surprisingly had a nice pop of airtime along with the hill directly after. Definitely its strong suit.


Enjoyment: 10/10

Never once on this coaster did I find myself disappointed. The drop was insane and the flow of the back to back surprises left me in awe. Most enjoyable coaster I have ridden!


Total: 83/100

Cannibal was an all around awesome ride with solid theming, great elements, and an all around enjoyable ride. You all should head out to Lagoon Park to check out this amazing coaster!


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