Movie World Australia Announces DC Rivals Hypercoaster

Warner Bros. Movie World in Gold Coast, Australia, has announced it’s newest groundbreaking attraction: DC Rivals Hypercoaster. The coaster, built by Mack Rides, will be the tallest in the Southern Hemisphere, and reach speeds of up to 72 mph (115 kph) across it’s 4590 feet of track (1.4 km). It features many elements including a non-inverting loop and multiple low to the ground s-bend turns.

Photo provided by Movie World

The ride, marketed as the greatest theme park attraction in the Southern Hemisphere, has a unique, thrilling special feature: riders are able to ride DC Rivals Hypercoaster backwards, as the last two seats are faced the opposite direction. The preview of the ride can be found below:

Stay tuned for updates on DC Rivals Hypercoaster and any other new amusement park attractions from around the world!

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