Universal’s Volcano Bay Makes its Public Debut

For the past two years, enthusiasts have been closely watching the construction of Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay water park. On May 25, 2017, the tropical-themed park held its grand opening.

Universal Orlando's Volcano Bay
The detailed theme of the park, as well as the incredible variety of attractions makes it one of the best in the world.

In the video above, visitors take a ride on Krakatau Aqua Coaster, one of the many water slides that take riders on a trip through the Krakatau Fire and Water Volcano.

Universal Orlando's Volcano Bay
In addition to thrill rides, the park has world-class river rides, wave pools, and attractions for younger visitors.
An image of a TapuTapu wearable, a device available at Universal's Volcano Bay water theme park.
A unique feature of Volcano Bay, the TapuTapu wearable, allows visitors to wait in a “virtual line” for major attractions while they are busy enjoying everything else the park has to offer.

Credit to Universal Orlando, The Orlando Sentinel, and Theme Park Insider for the media seen in this post. Now that Volcano Bay is open, it seems like a necessary piece of any visit to Orlando. What do you think of Universal’s beautiful new park?

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