Phoenix Review

Phoenix at Knoebel’s is an iconic wooden coaster which a majority of enthusiasts can recognize from a mile away. Does this coaster live up to its hype? Let’s find out!


Length: 6/10

Phoenix has a track length of 3,200 feet, making it just slightly above average.


Height: 3/10

Standing only 78 feet tall, this ride is far from menacing, and is a great height for a family coaster.


Speed: 5/10

Although only hitting 45 miles per hour, it feels slightly faster due to the surrounding trees.


Capacity: 8/10

It may not be Disney quality, but the operations for Phoenix are surprisingly quick! However, they only run two trains, so it still takes a bit.


Restraints: 10/10

The restraints on this ride do not touch your thighs, nor are there any seat belts, which will affect a later category in a positive. These are easily the most open restraints I have ever been in.


Intensity: 9/10

Although it may not have incredible g’s, this ride has some incredible airtime which makes it much more intense than a majority of coasters out there!


Smoothness: 7/10

If you ride it in the front, it’s incredibly smooth, but the back rows do have a bit of a rattle.


Theming: 1/10

The only theming is three logs over the entrance to the tunnel… nothing special.


Inversions/Airtime: 10/10

Although it may not be the most forceful airtime, it is intense and it is sustained for a while. Another reason this ride is getting a perfect 10 for airtime is because the restraints allow you to be skyrocketed out of your seat!


Enjoyment: 9/10

It may not be my favorite roller coaster, but this is my favorite wooden coaster!


Total: 68/100

This ride is amazing! It has my personal favorite airtime found on a coaster and just has a classic feel to it. It truly is worth the trip to Knoebel’s.


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