Six Flags America Debuts Galactic Attack Virtual Reality Coaster

Coaster Hub had the opportunity to attend the media event for the world’s-first “mixed reality” roller coaster experience on the new Galactic Attack Virtual Reality Coaster at Six Flags America.

Riders are given a Samsung Gear VR headset once seated in the coaster. After pulling down the restraint and buckling the seatbelt, a ride attendant assists you with putting on and tightening the headset straps, as well as calibrating and focusing the headsets.

After your train is given the thumbs up, your ride begins. As you roll out of the station and climb the lift hill, the “mixed reality” experience allows you to see the real world around you. The VR headset uses the smartphone’s camera to transmit what you would see on the normal ride.

As you reach the top of the lift hill, riders pass through a wormhole and are transported into the Virtual world. The ride experience itself is incredibly immersive and out of this world. Seated in the cockpit of an intergalactic fighter jet, you are thrown into the heat of an epic space battle.

During the ride, you are constantly dodging lasers and missiles, and shooting at alien drones in the fight to save the planet. Flying through asteroids and avoiding enemy fire is truly an awesome experience. At the end of the ride, you arrive in front of three separate drone bays, which feature three completely different endings to the ride.

Ride along with us by watching our Reverse POV video below!

We would like to thank Six Flags America for inviting us to try out this amazing experience! Galactic Attack Virtual Reality will be available on Mind Eraser for a limited time this spring. Go try it soon!

Have you ridden a Virtual Reality coaster? What did you think? Let us know below!

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