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Earlier this week, the Coaster Hub team was invited to Six Flags New England to get an exclusive look at The Joker 4D FreeSpin coaster as well as Galactic Attack, Six Flags New England’s brand new augmented reality experience. There were many updates on rides across the park, including new trains for Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster Mind Eraser and a new snack stand in the ‘South End’ section of the park!

As we entered the park, there were noticeable changes to the park’s front gate. Currently, New England has four booths with many ticket windows followed be a series of turnstiles and metal detectors. In time for Six Flags New England’s 2017 opening, however, the park will be moving the metal detectors up to the location where tickets were originally sold. Tickets will now be sold at the ‘Guest Sales’ building. This setup will be very similar to the setup at Six Flags Great Adventure and will certainly make guests’ park entrance much quicker than before!

Here’s one of the ‘tents’, if you will, that they put up between the old admission booths. Guests will also walk through the old booths with metal detectors in the booths as well.

As we walked into the park, most rides were at a standstill due to the extreme wind and sub-freezing temperatures. We walked over to the South End and got a look at the all-new ‘South End Snacks’.

Each window will host a server and Six Flags New England is currently undecided on whether or not the season dining plan will feature South End Snacks. The park is also bringing in food trucks for a variety of food options in the South End of the park!

We then checked out Mind Eraser. The coaster wasn’t running, but we did get to take a closer look at the all-new trains and experience the new Galactic Attack augmented reality! First of all, I love the color of these trains. Mind Eraser sports a red train and a teal train, each with orange stripes on the side. All the seats are new, but they are using the same chassis as before.

These new trains will greatly escalate operations as the seat is shaped as a scoop, so your feet will be fairly high off the ground. This eliminates the need to drop the floor upon every dispatch. Six Flags New England has confirmed that the Galactic Attack virtual reality experience will open on Mind Eraser daily at 2:00 pm and close  one hour before the park closes. Headsets will be given to guests before entering the station in an open section of the queue. The park will run one train with the augmented reality and one without.

As for the augmented reality itself, the experience was very fun! Riders start with the camera activated so one can view his own setting. This should also help speed up dispatch times. Going up the lift, Six Flags New England transforms into a new world, and upon the first drop riders begin to fly through the air, shooting at aliens. Aiming was a challenge while sitting in the stagnant train and I can’t imagine aiming while going through Mind Eraser’s five inversions! At the end of Galactic Attack, riders experience one of three unique endings: the rider either survived, saved civilization, or was killed.

After checking out Mind Eraser, we headed over to Six Flags New England’s new-for-2017 S&S Worldwide FreeSpin, Joker. The park allowed us sign a piece of the coaster, which will be installed on Joker soon. The track is quickly nearing completion, and crews only have to wire the coaster and install trains. One train is on the transfer track but only has one seat installed. The other seats are currently off to the side.

Both the entrance and exit for Joker will be right next to the entrance to Hurricane Harbor. They will have a single rider line and it will run parallel with the Flash Pass queue. Joker itself is rising quickly!

Here are some pictures from inside the station.

Here’s the top of the chain lift, waiting to be put in place.

That’s all there is for Joker at this point! As far as the rest of the park goes, there are many more projects for the 2017 season. ‘Joker’s Wildcard’ has been renamed to Kryptonite, and Superman’s station will be reverted to its original state. Six Flags New England is also trying to incorporate a single rider line into the station as well. Finally, the park hinted at a big announcement coming next Wednesday, March 29th. The park said that guests will be able to experience this all-new addition this season, and it will increase their tourism for the region. Overall, Six Flags New England hosted a fabulous tour. We absolutely cannot wait until the beginning of the season to try out these additions!

Six Flags New England has also announced Galactic Attack for 2017: details here.

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