SeaWorld Announces More for 2016

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment executives announced at a presentation Monday to open brand new attractions at their three American SeaWorld parks, all centralized on their all-new Sea Rescue TV series. No opening date has been released at this point.


The three Sea Rescue attractions were not discussed in great detail, but three photos were released of the rides. Although this is unconfirmed, sources state that the SeaWorld Rescue roller coaster will be coming to San Antonio while the dark ride will open at the Orlando and San Diego locations.

In addition to the Sea Rescue attractions, SeaWorld will be phasing out its theatrical killer whale show in San Diego due to both a federal bill that is not final at this point and an attendance slump after anti-SeaWorld movie Blackfish was released in 2013. Coming in 2017, its replacement will be what SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment describes as a new orca experience, designed to take place in a more natural setting.

Photos can be found below of the Sea Rescue rides.





A SeaWorld Animal Rescue-theme ride concept announced in today's SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Analyst and Investor presentation. (PRNewsFoto/SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.)


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