Boardwalk Bullet Ride Review

As many of you may have seen from my trip reports back in July, I was able to visit Kemah Boardwalk and ride Boardwalk Bullet, a Gravity Group wooden coaster. It’s by far the most intense wooden coaster I’ve been one, and while it’s not my favorite wooden coaster, it definitely packs a punch!



Height: 6/10

This ride was not made to be tall, it was made to be fast and intense. It sits in a very compact space, and I was honestly surprised when I first saw it because for the tiny space that it’s in, it has a 96 foot tall lift.


Speed: 8/10

While 51 mph is pretty average speed, this coaster knows how to use that speed to it’s advantage. It honestly feels a lot faster than 51 mph, and it is pretty fast considering it is a wooden coaster.


Capacity: 6/10

While it has 6 cars per train and each car holds 4 people, it usually only runs one train. The only reason that the capacity is pretty high is because the park is usually empty, and the queues aren’t long at all.


Restraints: 3/10

It has trains from Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters (PTC), which aren’t the most comfortable. The fact that it’s a high speed and intense coaster doesn’t make it anymore comfortable.


Intensity: 9/10

Intensity is where the role of this coaster comes into play. With a total of  42 crossovers, it’s nearly impossible to not be intense!


Smoothness: 6/10

While the track-work is fairly smooth, the PTC trains do not help at all. You don’t get much pain from the roughness of the track, the trains jerk you into either the seat or the other person while you are riding, Even though it is rough, it still is an enjoyable ride.


Theming: 3/10

It has trains with a wood looking texture and a bullet on it, that’s really all.


Inversions/Airtime: 8/10

Even though it may have a lot of airtime hills, the ride itself really doesn’t have much airtime. The only major airtime moment on the ride is the first drop.


Enjoyment: 7/10

The ride may be rough in some spots, but it’s still very enjoyable. The operations are pretty decent for one train, and you can re-ride it over and over due to the short lines at the park.


Total: 56/100

Boardwalk Bullet is a very fun wooden coaster, it makes #2 on my favorites. If you are in the Houston area, I recommend to go out to Kemah and ride it!


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