Virtual Reality Announced for Sky Rocket at Kennywood

Parque Reunidos, one of the world’s largest theme park owners in the world, today revealed two new virtual reality coasters for the 2017 season: Sky Rocket at Kennywood in Pennsylvania and Batman la Fuga at Parque Warner Madrid in Spain. The theme has not been announced but the flexibility of different VR experiences on the same coaster has been confirmed.


Will you ride either of these brand new virtual reality experiences in 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

One thought on “Virtual Reality Announced for Sky Rocket at Kennywood

  1. This is asinine, especially on Sky Rocket. I’m supposed to be excited for kludgy, mediocre VR? Not to mention that it’s going to murder capacity on a ride that already only does 12 people a cycle…

    So, no, not excited about it. VR in this form factor isn’t ready for coasters, and I would’ve hoped that parks would have seen the reviews at Six Flags et. al. and realized that these hacky retrofits are lame, low-effort cash grabs. I wish parks would stop doing it, and I’m disappointed to see Kennywood going for it.

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