Wildfire at Kolmarden Permits Revoked, Currently SBNO

Brace yourselves for this one.

According to Swedish news site svt.se, the Land and Environment Court in Norrkoping, Sweden, has decided to revoke the permits for the Wildfire roller coaster, in Kolmarden, Sweden. The site claims that “The Court believes that the ride raises so many questions that it should have been preceded by a detailed plan, which it has not done.”

Kolmarden is stating they followed the guidelines and restrictions for constructing the ride.

Kolmarden CEO Christer Fogelmarck said this in regard to the decision: “In cooperation with the authorities and the municipality received notice of how this process would go to the beginning. We have kept to it, and now we get a completely different answer.”

Wildfire's incredible first inversion, the Zero-G Stall
Image: Kolmarden

“The Court’s decision means technically to Kolmarden may need to tear down roller-coaster. It can however be avoided if Norrköping municipality, which first gave permission for the construction, prepare a detailed plan afterwards…  The Court believes that the impact of the ride is expected to have on the environment is likely to have a noticeable impact on the environment, including wildlife. Therefore, should the municipality has reviewed this in a detailed plan before building permits were approved. (svt.se)

As of right now, the fate of Wildfire is uncertain.

The ride officially opened to the public on June 28th, 2016, and is one of Rocky Mountain Construction’s best creations to date. To think that this ride has a very real possibility of being shut down permanently is a very disturbing thought.

Thanks to svt.se for the information in this article. What are your thoughts on this?

One thought on “Wildfire at Kolmarden Permits Revoked, Currently SBNO

  1. Politicians ruin everything with their endless BS. This sounds like someone is all in a attitude because they weren’t either asked their opinion or were included at all. Wildlife is a historic attraction not only for Kolmarden but would put millions into the Swedish economy. Yes process is important but and the environment. But progress is also necessary and solutions can be found to assist wildlife or woodlands around the park and zoo.

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