Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Files Plans for Two Flat Rides In 2017

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, the world famous seaside park, has announced two new awesome flat rides for the 2017 season!

The first one, “Shockwave”, will be a Zamperla “Mega Disk’O”.  It will be built next to their Maurer spinning coaster, Undertow as part of an expanded upper deck area.

Boardwalk submits plans for new rides

Concept art for “Shockwave”

Their second planned flat for 2017 is known as “Typhoon.” Although no manufacturer has been released, most speculate it will be a “Zamperla Hawk.” “Aero-360” at Kennywood, and “Meteor” at Dorney Park are a few of the previous installations of this model. No location was discussed for “Typhoon.” Although no height has been specified, plans convey that both attractions will be between 60-65 feet tall!


Concept art for “Typhoon”

Although these plans sound great, there is one obstacle still in the way- the park has a 40ft height restriction! The Santa Cruz Planning Commission will decide the flat rides fate on Thursday, October 20th, 2016.  We all hope for the best!

Thanks to ACE NorCal for the details.

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