RMC I-Box Rails Spotted At Mean Streak

RMC I-Box Rails have been spotted next to Mean Streak at Cedar Point today.

Even before its closure was announced on August 1, rumors had spread that the 1991 Dinn wooden coaster would be receiving the Iron Horse Treatment for the 2017 season. Since closing on September 16, many enthusiasts have noticed the stripping of track and supports from the ride, along with skeptical sigtings of Rocky Mountain Construction vehicles on site, furthering suspicions of the company’s involvement with Mean Streak’s renovations. With this sighting, there is little to no doubt that there is a Mean Streak Iron Horse conversion in Cedar Point’s future.

Below are pictures of the rails taken from the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad.

There has been no official announcement from the park about Mean Streak’s future. Thanks to Blake Morris for photos.

Do you consider Mean Streak’s Iron Horse speculations confirmed? Let us know in the comments!

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