Energylandia Reveals Plans for New Park Areas and Three New Coasters in 2017

Energylandia, located in Zator, Malapolskie, Poland, has announced their plans for new attractions in 2017. The expansion will include new viking-themed area with a boat ride, a re-theme of Dragon Roller Coaster (the park’s Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster), a new entrance through a castle, a Swiss village park area, a restaurant themed to the new-for-2016 Rollercoaster Formula 1, and three new coasters.

The proposed “Viking Village” area with the new boat ride and Dragon Roller Coaster’s re-theme in the background.
© Energylandia
Energylandia’s new castle-themed entrance.
The new “Swiss Village” area of the park.
© Energylandia
The Rollercoaster Formula 1 restaurant.

All images are property of Energylandia.

In addition to the attractions above, the park is adding three new coasters for 2017. Dragon Coaster is powered coaster that will be added among eight other rides to the park’s children’s area. A Vekoma Custom Family Boomerang and an Intamin Custom Water Coaster are also proposed the 2017 season, however, little is known about them at this time.

Which of Energylandia’s 2017 attractions are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.

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