Liseberg Announces 2017 and 2018 Additions

Liseberg has announced their plans for both the 2017 and 2018 seasons, and I have to say, the future of Liseberg looks great.

Coming to the park in 2017 is Loke, an Intamin Gyro Swing flat ride. The attraction will be replacing SpinRock, the park’s former frisbee attraction, and will be located near the Balder roller coaster.

Loke - Image: Liseberg
Loke – Image: Liseberg

“In Norse mythology, Loke was the most treacherous and devious of all the giants of Asgard. He cunningly and cold-bloodedly forged plans to kill the kindest and best-loved of the gods, Balder. In April 2017 the battle between the two giants will begin.

When you ride the Loke attraction, you sit facing outwards with your feet dangling from a spinning gondola that also swings through an angle of up to 120 degrees. At the height of its swing the gondola rises 42 metres (135ft) above the ground – twice as high as its predecessor, SpinRock – before plummeting at 100 kph (60mph) towards Balder, so close that it feels as if the attractions will collide.”

Now, onto 2018. Coming to Liseberg for the 2018 season is Valkyria, Europe’s longest Dive Coaster. Standing 47 meters (155ft) tall, this B&M Dive Coaster will drop riders 50 meters (165ft) into an underground tunnel, and will traverse over 700 meters (2,300ft) of track. The ride will be replacing Kanonen, the park’s hydraulic launch coaster, and is set to open in 2018.

Valkyria - Image: Liseberg
Valkyria – Image: Liseberg
Valkyria - Image: Liseberg
Valkyria – Image: Liseberg


“In readiness for the 2018 summer season Kanonen will be replaced by Europe’s longest Dive Coaster, a roller coaster that starts with a near vertical drop. Riders sit six abreast in trains that are three rows long, with their legs dangling free. After a 45 degree climb they find themselves at the highest point, 47 metres in the air. Just as the train is about to go over the edge the cars pause, and passengers are suspended in the air for a couple of seconds, before they plummet vertically 50 metres into an underground tunnel at 105 kph.

The name of the roller coaster, Valkyria, is also taken from Norse mythology. A valkyrie was a winged creature whose task was to carry fallen warriors from Middle Earth to the afterlife. And according to Daniel Lindberg, attraction manager, the ride will live up to its name.

“When you are fastened in and then drawn inescapably higher and higher it feels as if you could faint. Then as you hang, stationary, staring down 50 metres straight into the abyss, you are convinced you won’t make it. But after the ride you get a rush of adrenaline and really feel that you are alive!”


Manufacturer: Intamin

Attraction type: Gyro Swing

Height, construction: 27 m

Max. height of gondola: 42 m

Max. angle of swing: 120 degrees

Max. speed: 100 kph

Number of passengers/ride: 40

Ride duration: 100 seconds

Capacity: 900 passengers/hour


Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard

Attraction type: Dive Coaster

Length: Around 700 m

Height: 47 m

Drop: 50 m (incl. underground section)

Max. speed: 105 kph

Number of passengers/ride: 3 trains x 18 passengers

Capacity: 1,100 passengers/hour

All credit for the fact sheets and press releases go to Liseberg. What do you think about these additions? Let us know in the comments below!


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