Canada’s Wonderland Announces New Thrills & Spills For 2017

“Canada’s Wonderland will be showcasing two new unique and adrenaline-pumping attractions in 2017. With the addition of towering water slides in Splash Works and a new thrill ride that will be the first of its kind in North America, guests will experience two exhilarating Parks and one memorable 2017 season.

Muskoka Plunge, a 60 ft. (18 m) tall waterslide complex featuring four speed slides, will kick-off the summer fun in Splash Works. Riders will feel the adrenaline rush when they step into an enclosed launch chamber and suddenly plummet into a high-speed free fall through S-curves and 360° loops at speeds of approximately 40 km/h.

Muskoka Plunge - Photo: Canada's Wonderland
Muskoka Plunge – Photo: Canada’s Wonderland

For thrill-seekers that prefer to stay dry, Canada’s Wonderland will be adding to its arsenal of world-class thrill rides with Soaring Timbers. This unique ride experience will send guests spiraling through the sky on two massive rotating gondolas that swing riders through sweeping arcs while rotating 360 degrees.”

Soaring Timbers - Photo: Canada's Wonderland
Soaring Timbers – Photo: Canada’s Wonderland

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Credit for the above release goes to Canada’s Wonderland.

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