Lake Compounce Trip Report

We all know that Friday, July 10th was a big day for Lake Compounce. They announced their new Premier Sky Rocket II, Phobia Phear coaster!



The large crate next to the Enterprise had all of it’s contents revealed┬ábefore the day started to members of the media. But at 11 A.M, the crowds rushed in to go ride the world’s #1 wooden roller coaster according to Golden Ticket Awards. Boulder Dash, the terrain CCI is a very scenic ride. However, it is much more painful this year than any other year I’ve ridden it. The crowds started to get bigger and bigger and flowed to the more popular rides such as the two S&S power flat rides, Thunder n’ Lightning, a Screamin’ Swing, and Down Time, the drop tower that is 185 ft tall, towering above all others in the park. They are 2 of the most popular rides in the park and many people face their fears on these rides. It was than time to move on to one of the most iconic amusement park flat rides in the world, Enterprise. Huss has been manufacturing these amazing rides for many, many years and every time I enjoy the forces and unique maneuvers the ride makes. There is a down side though, as Enterprise will be removed soon in order to clear land for Phobia. A goodbye to this classic flat ride is soon to come because many guests have enjoyed it for many years. Enough about all the popular rides that everyone flocks over to. Whenever a break is needed at Lake Compounce, take a nice long walk on the path between Boulder Dash and the lake and take a ride on one of the tallest sky rides in the world. Take a 25-30 minute ride along the side of the mountain and see views you can’t find any where else. It’s truly breathe taking. I later grabbed a souvenir cup as I collect them. I then rode Rev-O-Lution, a Zamperla Disk’o added to the park in 2011. The day was capped off with a ride on Thunder N’ Lightning and I headed out. I hope to go back next year and ride Phobia as soon as possible. I hope you enjoyed the reading, here are some photos from today.







We definitely enjoyed the nation’s oldest amusement park. You will enjoy it just as much!

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