Worlds of Fun Announces Two Thrill Rides for 2017

Worlds of Fun announced today it will be adding two new unique and thrilling rides in 2017, as well as a completely redesigned front gate to enhance the guest experience next season.

  • Falcon’s Flight – A hair-raising thrill at nearly 100 feet above the ground.  This ride spins and rises at the same time and holds more than 50 riders at a time.
  • Mustang Runner – Three arms with seven gondolas per arm turn one way while the base of the ride spins the other direction.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to add two new rides for guests to enjoy.  These classic amusement park rides will add thrills unlike anything in the Midwest,” said Worlds of Fun General Manager, Frank Wilburn.

But that’s not all.  Families will be able to ring in the holidays next season and enjoy what is sure to be a new family tradition.  WinterFest is coming to Worlds of Fun, showcasing 16 favorite holiday characters, spectacular light displays, ice skating, and festive live entertainment.  The park will be transformed into a winter wonderland for six weeks beginning November 24, 2017.

“While rides and water slides are the focus for the summer, we pride ourselves on creating memories for families.  What better way to create more memories than during Winterfest by starting a new holiday family tradition in Kansas City,” Wilburn added.

Credit for the above release goes to Worlds of Fun.

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