New Drop Tower For Fraispertuis City in 2017

In honor of the park’s 50th anniversary, Fraispertuis City today announced their new for 2017 attraction; Golden Driller. The tower will be 66 meters tall (216 feet) and will feature 4 different ride experiences. The experiences include sitting, sitting and tilting, floorless and tilting, and standing and tilting. Golden Driller will also feature a soundtrack from IMAscore, which have also produced soundtracks for Helix, Taron, etc. The overall theme will be based around the “golden era”, and will have a very immersive experience.


The view of all the different experiences. From left to right: Sit Down, Sit Down & Tilt, Floorless & Tilt, and Stand-up & Tilt.


As seen by the photo above, the ride will be very heavily themed.


This photo gives a view of the seating arrangements around the tower.

Below are closer views of all four trains.

All photo credits go to Coasters World Forums.

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