Dorney Park Review

I finally had the opportunity to visit Dorney Park with two other Coaster Hub writers. It was my first time while the other two writers were local, and we all had a great time at the park! Lines were short and the weather was perfect. The park’s iconic coasters are a lot of fun and I overall had a great experience at Dorney Park.


We started the day at park opening and headed straight to Steel Force. This was my first time on a Morgan hyper coaster, and it was much smoother than expected! While the first half of the coaster provided smooth floater airtime, the second half of the ride provided solid ejector airtime over every hill. The coaster is smooth, fast, and while not intense, still a lot of fun.


Steel Force towers over the rest of the park.


Stinger came next, and it was a very intense coaster. One of four currently operating Vekoma Invertigo’s, the ride provides a very intense combination: strong g-forces and a rough ride. While it was not the most enjoyable ride, I would still ride it again in the future. Possessed was still closed at the moment, so we headed to Thunderhawk for the next ride.


With the new-for-2016 trains in use, Thunderhawk was a fairly enjoyable ride. The PTC wooden coaster was still rough but nowhere near as bad as it was last season before the new trains were put in use. There were a few surprising airtime moments and the coaster was enjoyable overall. While it is rough, this coaster is certainly enjoyable enough where I would not mind repeating it.


By the time we left Thunderhawk, Possessed was up and running, and we decided to ride it next. The Intamin impulse coaster provided an intense launch straight into the vertical spike, and sitting in the back row, the entrance to the rear vertical spike provided an intense positive g-force pump. As this was the first time I had seen it active, the holding brake was completely unexpected and provided a phenomenal experience. V2: Vertical Velocity at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom was my first impulse coaster, this being my second, and even with V2’s hang time, Possessed is a tad better in my opinion.


Dominator came next in our lineup and provided smooth, enjoyable rides on both towers. The red tower launches you up and down the tower while the green side carries riders 160 ft in the air and shoots them back down to the ground. Both sides were a lot of fun and while the green side had a much longer line throughout the day, I personally preferred the red side. It’s not my favorite drop tower but it’s certainly a fun, re-rideable thrill ride.


Demon Drop came next and provided quite an experience. Riders are strapped into a train consisting of a large metal box with four seats and are taken up the 131 foot structure in an elevator lift before dropping to the ground. The 90 degree turn to flatten riders provides an intense positive-G spike that feels very similar to the base of a pretzel loop on B&M flying coasters. The actual drop is fairly smooth, but the return to the station after the drop is much rougher and unpleasant. While Demon Drop is a very quick ride, it is still a lot of fun and provides a unique experience.


Hydra: The Revenge was the next coaster at Dorney Park. The B&M floorless coaster features a unique heartline roll straight out of the station, an inclined dive loop, and many other thrilling elements. It was also a very smooth ride and is one of my favorite floorless roller coasters at this point.


A closer look at Hydra’s zero-g roll.


And a train!


The two bottom track sections of the cobra roll come very close to each other, which is uncommon for a B&M roller coaster to do. Hydra: The Revenge also interacts with the surrounding terrain quite a bit, which is great for a floorless coaster.


One last look at Hydra: The Revenge.


The park also has a Maurer wild mouse named Wild Mouse… it’s a rough ride but worth trying out for the experience.


We made it through nearly every flat ride in the park, all of which are your standard flat rides. Dorney Park has a large assortment of flat rides including a Chance Rides Revolution, a HUSS Enterprise, Larson Flying Scooters, and a Larson Tilt-A-Whirl.


We began to queue for Steel Force until we turned back to see a Talon train cresting the lift! The line was short upon arrival and took us directly under the ride.


Overall, Talon was a great ride. The first drop provides strong positive g-forces and begins an action-packed layout. The B&M inverted coaster gives ample g-forces and creates a very smooth and fast ride.


Talon also interacts with the terrain in a couple different places.


The Cedar Creek Cannonball train ride provides great views of Talon.


After Talon, we decided to try the park’s Arrow Dynamics Shoot the Chutes, known as White Water Landing, which left us drenched.


Thunder Rapids came next and we exited in the same state.


We got one last ride on Steel Force and Talon before park closing. Overall, we had a fantastic day at the park. Short lines, great weather, and everything being open created a great experience, and every single coaster at the park is photogenic.

Have you been to Dorney Park? If so, what do you think? Leave your feedback in the comments below!

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