Paultons Park: Lost Kingdom Review

I was able to make it to Paultons Park in time for the Lost Kingdom opening, and I loved it! It may not match the ranks of Valravn or Taron, but it is phenomenally well executed for what it is.



The coasters themselves are not exactly thrill rides, but are still great fun. Flight of the Pterosaur was a surprise for me: the front, middle, and back seats all provide different experiences while they are equally enjoyable. The final helix also packs quite a punch for a family coaster and was a nice finishing section for the coaster.


Velociraptor, however, didn’t deliver on all of my expectations. I went on the rear row first expecting some decent floater airtime on the hill over the station, but there was surprisingly none of that. The only ejector you can really experience is on the front when you go up the final spike, and even then it is nothing compared to the ejector on Cobra, the Gerstlauer bobsled just across from the new attractions. But what it let me down on for airtime was made up by fairly fast pacing. The ride was quite a rush for a family coaster. It doesn’t just meander through the layout like other family rides, and because of that I still recommend the ride.


There were some other new flat rides in the area as well as a couple re-themed rides. The coaster formerly known as “The Flying Frog” now sports a triceratops zero car and some animatronics in the center of it, a welcome retheme if you ask me. One flat ride in particular was a really interesting addition – Boulder Dash. Unfortunately, how the ride works is incredibly difficult to describe, but in summary it’s a very strange reincarnation of a twister ride. The final addition to the area worth mentioning was Dinosaur Tours, a one rail car ride that goes around some incredibly well animated dinosaurs and some really well designed theming.



That’s all that’s new! Take a look at off-ride footage of both coasters below.

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