West Coast Racers Construction Update 2/17/19


This is the first time since the last update that any notable work has been done with Cyclone Bay and the construction of West Coast Racers. Still no holes for footers, but we got some rebar at least!


There’s quite a bit of rebar on the site actually!


Apocalypse has more track removed now. Hopefully they retrack with a good company this time and not some random one they found off of Craigslist.


From ground level, there’s not too much to see. A few markers, but that’s about it.


And we finally have the first pieces of the ride on site! This doesn’t mean vertical construction will happen anytime soon. There are no footers in the ground yet and no prep for them either. Once a footer is finished it takes about two months before it’s fully hardened and ready to support a steel structure. I’m predicting a late August-early September opening.

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