West Coast Racers Construction Update 12/4/18


After months of virtually no changes, there’s finally stuff happening in Cyclone Bay for the construction of West Coast Racers! Starting off in the preview center which was the first I’ve seen it open.


They now have the nosecone of the blue train in the preview center. This was just showed off for the first time at the LA Car Show.


Over by where the dueling inversions will be, dirt is starting to be moved in preparation for the installation of footers.


I’m not sure whether these buildings are getting destroyed or refurbished. I’m hoping destroyed and rebuilt, because they are in such bad shape. You can also see a few markers on the ground for footers.


A better view of the ground that’s being dug up.


Track is still missing on this turn of Apocalypse.


They had a truck with something inside, I’m sure what though.


The Apocalypse sign is untouched as of now.


Here’s a few from the highest vantage point I could get.


While the path to Cyclone Bay has been closed for over a month, I haven’t posted it in an update.

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