About Us

Coaster Hub was founded in May 2014 by a group of theme park enthusiasts across the country looking to connect and share the world’s latest theme park news in one uniform place. Hundreds of articles were written as the community was continuing to grow and Coaster Hub introduced the Coaster Hub Awards, an annual event in which theme park fans vote for their favorite steel and wooden roller coasters to determine the world’s top roller coasters, similar to Mitch Hawker’s poll that came to a close in 2013. Since then, Coaster Hub has expanded coverage internationally to share the latest theme park news to fans across the world.

Coaster Hub currently has nine writers and over a dozen additional representatives.

Carter Blanchard

Owner – California Correspondent

Mac Lundie

Editor – Virginia Correspondent

Jared Andell

Writer – New England Correspondent

Bryce Boggs

Writer – Colorado Correspondent

Shane Fogarty

Writer – North Carolina Correspondent

Jonathan Kazelskis

Writer – Nevada Correspondent

Keltan Kemp

Writer – Nevada Correspondent

Calvin McPheeters

Writer – Virginia Correspondent

Alex Vander Pas

Writer – Midwest Correspondent

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